Saturday, September 29, 2012


Nothing much to say for this weekend because me and my friend only do our 1 day job at Malaysia Airlines Academy at Saturday which is first happy because our team was the only one that make so much noise by laughing and some ridicules joke. But after 4 hours straight the momentum is gone and we are really getting bored plus the work is getting a lot heavier when we got instant 100 paper to check every time we finish which is a really morale destroyer, 100,finish,come 100 again, finish it again, then 100 coming again,zzzzz....oh well, the thing we need to do for RM150. Then come the really boring part, that is waiting  for our pay check. To burn some time we playing around with the chairs, table and make some stupid video while listening to music from our phone. Other people looking at us weirdly but we don't care, we only want to have some fun. After all is done, we go to mcD for our dinner. Thank you for the help Ammar ,Harith, Izzudin, Hanif and all of my friend.

When Sunday come, it is raining. So again in our house we open up a karaoke and guitar for entertainment after our lunch. Raining outside and concert inside, hmm not a bad idea. I want play in the rain but nobody want to follow, so sad...We finish up our holiday assignment which is not that finish and plan to have a good jog after the rain is stop.

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